Merchant Ships – Shipsography

January 25, 2010

Sunday blues. I got ’em.

This band hails from Indiana and calls to mind some obvious (and awesome) influences. Especially Make Me and Boy Problems. Clean guitars, multiple vocal tracks, you know the formula. Regardless of whether or not it has been done before, these guys know how to do it right and do exactly that. This is a collection of their demos and a compilation track or two, I believe. Download this and then promptly pick up a copy and a t-shirt from their merch store linked below. Also, Cameron and I are hoping to work with these guys on a future release. They are currently working on recording a full-length record this spring.


Order a copy and t-shirt.


2 Responses to “Merchant Ships – Shipsography”

  1. Gio said

    Did they run out?

  2. They broke up and probably also ran out. You could try messaging one of the bands that came out of this band to see if any of the old members have copies

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