2nd Semester

February 2, 2010

Well, I just got back to school from break. Today I sent orders out to those who ordered CDs during the past week so you guys should be getting those within a few days. It’s good to be back and the blog will be rolling forward as strong as ever during the next few weeks.

While I was home, I acquired an old friend and gave him a (hopefully) permanent home. We’ve utilized his services before when we made the Cremation 186 tapes but he was only on loan, but now it looks like he’ll be staying with us (keep you fingers crossed!). Here’s what he looks like:

This is the Otari 4x tape duplicator that will be used on the I Create and 1994! tapes that are coming out soon. With his help we can duplicate over 100 tapes per hour. Awesome.

In I Create news, my computer crashed while I was working on the artwork. I didn’t save my work. I lost it. Redoing it. I promise it’ll be better now anyway. Lesson learned, though.

We’re setting up a show for Antilles at the end of May in either Spokane, Missoula or Idaho Falls depending on the date since it’s hovering around the time I’m graduating here in Spokane. Either way it is sure to be insanely good. Expect and Antilles post with some download links soon. Also, some other posts with download links will be coming up soon, too.

Also, it’s Cameron’s birthday on Thursday so be sure to wish him a good one. I might go over and visit him this weekend. Here’s us being awesome together:

Be good to each other,


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