February 3, 2010

These dudes hail from Ohio and recently released a split with STAPH (ex-Lion of the North) on Inkblot Records. Sometimes chaotic sometimes slow and emotive. Very rough and jagged, but still containing some melodic jangly guitars. On top of all of that, Antilles has a couple different dudes doing vocals. I really can’t wait for the summer solely to see these guys live. Check them out and be blown away by what you hear.

All releases can be purchased through Kid Sister Everything Records, run by Harrison from Antilles, here.



Beholder Destroyer


S/T 12″ (2008)


Antilles/Trifle Tower Split 7″ (2008)


Antilles/Mountain Asleep Split 7″ (2009)


Antilles/STAPH. Split 7″ (2009)


2 Responses to “Antilles”

  1. chris said

    the staph and trifle tower links are down. re-up please!

  2. Chug said

    i think they are all down. please please please re-up, especially the full length

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