P.O.S. – Never Better

February 12, 2010

P.O.S. is Stefan Alexander, a Hip-Hop artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. At a young age, Stefan fell in love with punk, played in punk bands, and eventually started rapping as an alternative form of expression. As a rapper, he is deeply influenced by punk and hardcore, often samples punk songs or features prominent punk artists, and has really developed a style all his own. I saw P.O.S. this week in Missoula, MT, and I was floored by the whole show, supporting bands included. If you ever get a chance to go see him, do not pass it up, regardless if you’re a hip hop fan or not. He performs with such enthusiasm and passion that it is really difficult not to be hypnotized by the whole spectacle. Also, I think he is one hell of a song-writer. That’s an element to Hip-Hop I wasn’t really aware existed, but he’s turned me onto some other really well-written stuff. At the very least, give “Never Better” a listen. I think you’ll be surprised by what you find. If you like it, definitely check out his 2 other albums, “Audition” (2006) and “Ipecac Neat” (2004).

Never Better (2009)




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