Pepperjack loooooooveeee Fragglerock

February 17, 2010

Okay, so here’s the deal. I do a radio show on the online station at on Tuesdays from 9 pm to midnight Pacific time. I play a lot of stuff that you might find on this blog and similar ones. My point being, if you dig any of this music, listen in, I make it fun. I promise. I call my show “Kool-Aid and Cocoa Puffs.” It features me (Kool-Aid), Curtis Day (Cocoa Puffs), and Alex Davis (Sweet Tooth, from Leftist Nautical Antiques Records fame). Hmm, am I leaving anything out? I don’t think so. I give out the booth phone number during the show so you can call in and make requests or chat with us. It’s fun. Be sure to check it out. Also, Curtis does a show on Wednesdays on from 7-9 pm called “Something Dirty.” It’s equally fun. Umm yeah. Cameron, I’m calling soon. Bye dads.

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