Good Grief

March 3, 2010

So, today I woke up with a crazy fever. I’m staying home from school in order to quarantine myself and play video games. Who needs school anyway, right? So I realized that I haven’t posted anything on the blog in a fortnight. Shit’s been crazy around here, man. Reaaall crazy. If my rant seems slightly feverish, it actually is. I apologize in advance.

So what’s new? I sent off all the information for pressing the 1994! tape yesterday. Dylan and I could not be more excited. As soon as I get the exact prices, the order will be official and we need only to wait a few weeks and then add the finishing touches. Please, curb your enthusiasm. I Create tapes are also coming along nicely, just a little bit slower. We ran into a few snags with artwork but it all should be resolved soon. I’m also under the impression that we were recently mentioned in an I Create interview w/ a Russian Magazine. That’s pretty cool, right? We’re blowing up! Next stop, Alternative Press!

So that’s enough about us. I decided to post some Boy Problems shit because, well, I love them. If you don’t know them, frankly, I’d be surprised. This band has gotten a lot of buzz (along with associated bands like Make Me and Boys and Sex) and they totally deserve it. It’s catchy and heartfelt and fun and clever and awesome. Here is their tour demo:


On a semi-related note, you should also check out Boyfriends’ new songs. The band consists of our friends in 1994! and two other members. The second song features guest vocals by Peter from Algernon. I’m diggin’ it. Check them out here:


One Response to “Good Grief”

  1. Jason said

    Aye!!!! Big Kids (members of Spires) is doing a full US Tour with 1994! this Summer. Please check them out at

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