Alrighty, update time

March 26, 2010

Well, preorders are well under way for the upcoming tapes. Check that out under the releases tab, if you haven’t done so already. For the 1994! tape, we had a bit of a hold up. We had a slight difference in “vision” (maybe?) with the guy who was going to be selling us the tapes. No hard feelings, just a difference of opinion. HOWEVER! This turned out well for us and you (maybe not the guy previously doing the tapes for us, his loss, I suppose). As it turns out, the tapes will cost us quite a bit less to make now with the same end result. CUTTIN’ OUT THE MIDDLE MAN! So… for those of you who have preordered already, you’ll be getting a few dollars sent with your tape to make up for the difference. As soon as we recalculate the costs we’ll update the paypal link price. Cool? Yeah, we think so, too. Also, this added time may result in a slight change in the j-card insert for the 1994! tape. I guess Mike is still plugging away at making that as rad as possible.

What else is there to say? I’m on spring break right now and relaxing while watching some basketball with my dad. MARCH MADNESS! The free time allowed me to do some 1″ button designs. We ordered those today through My Friends and I. I believe they are releasing upcoming Merchant Ships material, so check that out, and I highly recommend working with them for any of your 1″ button needs.

Here are the designs, we’ll send them out with all orders:

In the next few weeks, once we have these two tapes out, we’ll be announcing some summer plans; including new releases, lots of shows, and maybe a band that Cameron and I will be involved in.

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