Mix tape trades?

April 19, 2010

I was thinking of starting to do some mixtape trades with various people/friends of mine. Make a mixtape (90 minutes of music or so, themed or not), put a little work in on the j-card art and then send them off to one another. Sound like something you’d be interested in doing with me? E-mail me at dlaug10[at]my.whitworth.edu.

Here’s one I just finished for a friend of mine:

Also, 1994! and I Create tapes are now done and ready to ship. Check Releases out  to order!

Almost done…

April 14, 2010

Cassettes are in. Duplicating and getting the j-cards printed this weekend.

Castevet hail from Chicago, IL. The band manages to combine some very different music styles to create a sound that is original and refreshing. Other people have described them as “The perfect blend of all the greatest moments from the ’90s emo/indie/post-hardcore scenes” and “Chuck Ragan fronts American Football”, and I think that sums it up pretty well. This sophomore record was set to be released on Big Scary Monsters (which is also home to awesome acts like Native and Kevin Devine), but the band chose to part ways with the label after the record was delayed several times. As I understand now, they are releasing it on an unnamed label this may with 2 more new songs. Until then, check out these 6 and get stoked.