May 7, 2010

So, it’s been awhile, eh? In the last few weeks, Dylan and I have been extremely busy with school projects, finals, moving out and back to Idaho, and, in his case, graduating from college. That’s right, Dylan will be a full-fledged scientist in no time. I’m so proud I could just cry. So we’re still hard at work at label stuff, mostly just trying to get help with distroing the tapes. If you know of anyone that is worth contacting, please let us know! We’re really trying to find a European distro but haven’t had any luck thus far. We’ve also got lots of distro items coming in that we’re really excited about, including records from the amazing Spanish band Heads and heads, and some awesome stuff from Utarid Tapes in Malaysia.

Our next release will be a discography tape for our friends in Lautrec. We are bummed that they are playing their final show this summer, but we are super excited to help them release all of their recorded material, including unreleased songs. Artwork and design are in progress. Because their final show is in June, this tape will be out before you know it.

I promise I’ll post some new music soon. I’ve got some projects to work on that kinda take precedence. For now, take this picture of the world’s most terrifying dad.

Go buy some tapes.

3 Responses to “Uggghhhh”

  1. THawkins701 said

  2. arnau said

    hey, we are spaniards!!! not italian!!! jajajaja

  3. I blame Cameron. I knew that you guys were from Spain. Haha. Yikes.

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