Recently, we picked up a store from It’s an awesome site that provides us with a better format, an online community, and tons of great options for our site. Check out the new store at

We’ve added lots of new tapes from our Canadian friend at Bart Records. Apparently, Canada is exploding with some really original and awesome bands right now. We are very impressed with his releases and excited to help distro his stuff. We also picked up some awesome records from We Were Skeletons and Litany For The Whale.

So in other news, I’m super stoked for the new Tera Melos album “Patagonian Rats”. The first single “Frozen Zoo” is being given out for free right here. Their sound is ever evolving, and everything I’ve heard so far is pretty different from their older stuff and just plain awesome. The album comes out next month. Get stoked.

This split kicks ass. I really wish it were longer because I don’t think there’s a bad song on it. I’m a huge Castevet fan, and haven’t really heard much of Into It. Over It., but their songs also really impressed me. Plus, how could you not like a record titled “Snack Town”? I’ve been frequenting Snack Town since I was like 5, for real. I stole this post from Circling The Drain, who apparently stole it from Twinkly Shit. Both are awesome blogs that I suggest you check out if you haven’t already.