Teenage Cool Kids/Daniel Striped Tiger split 7″

October 28, 2010

I’ve been waiting for this split for a long time, and the waiting has really paid off. 4 dynamic songs from 2 very different bands (sonically, at least). At first, it might seem like a weird combination, but after a few listens, the split totally makes sense. Splits are so much better when the bands don’t sound like carbon copies of each other, anyway. “Poison Ivy” is definitely the stand out track for me. Scratch your mind.



One Response to “Teenage Cool Kids/Daniel Striped Tiger split 7″”

  1. […] The group is called Parquet Courts, and is comprised of Andrew Savage on vocals and guitar, his brother, Max Savage on drums, as well as former area DJ Austin Brown aka Young Doc Gooden (also of New York act The Keepsies) on vocals and guitar, and finally, Sean Yeaton of long-running Cambridge, Mass. group, Daniel Striped Tiger on bass. Okay, the last one is a stretch, locally, but the group did do a split release with Savage’s Teenage Cool Kids. […]

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