It’s my 21st birthday.

February 4, 2011

Thanks in advance for all the cool shit you’re going to give me. I really appreciate it. I’ve only got a few things to say before I get off and legally consume large amounts of alcohol for the first time in my life. Here goes nothing.

– Check out the band Coping. They feature members Suffix, Spreadsheets, Damages, and our good friends Lautrec. They’re among the many great new bands expanding upon the mid-west emo sound. You can download their demo and cassette tape here, and buy their stuff here. They’ve got a split 7″ coming out on Topshelf Records up for preorder, so that’s awesome.

– In related news, we are currently hard at work to finish up the We Were Skeletons/мища split 7″ with Topshelf. Preorders will be up in the next week. The Adobe Homes/Beau Navire 7″ is now up for preorder in our store. The split features one awesome song from each band and is pressed on glow in the dark vinyl. It’ll only put you out $5 and will ship as soon as we get our copies. We also just finished a limited run of BWS shirts. You can buy them for $10 here and be the coolest kid on your block.

That’s all I got. More updates in the near future. Cameron, out.

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