February 6, 2011

Today I am sharing one of my favorite albums I have stumbled upon this year. Released on Cassette, this is almost short enough to be considered an EP, but in less than thirty minute lifetime it easily transcends the boundaries of any music I’ve ever come upon. In true black metal sense there are high pitch guitars and fuzzed out ambiences that although are thin, nuance and create intricate harmonic tensions. Though you could spend hours picking apart the endless details, what at first feels dissonant and unlistenable quickly becomes grand and lovely. I have spent the last few days obsessively undergoing this 30 minute listen on repeat and I still find myself entertained. Rarely can something capture my attention over and over again, but more and more the album puts me into a trance. This unescapable feeling is not an accompanying part  of the sound, but is in fact the music itself.

All the Murmuure material is based on a one hour guitar improvisation from November 2006. The selected parts were then further edited to fit a rhythmic structure, and merged with additional layers of sound. The percussions are a mixture of the original programmed drums, and some (extremely re-edited) additional live drumming. Vocals were recorded during a cathartic trance at a sacred place in the forest, with a mini-disc recorder. Being almost inaudible in the music, they’re strictly conceived as a vocal sigil technique, a vehicle for intent.

Although the cassette version is sold out, they now carry a CD version over at the incredible Aquarius Records.

If you’d like to stream the whole album go to the bandcamp

However if you wanna just cut to the chase and get the album for yourself; download.

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