Why Kevin Stebner is incredible OR One of the many reasons to apply for a passport

May 31, 2011

Real quick, since this is currently relevant and I rarely post anymore… Kevin Stebner (from Bart Records/Revolution Winter) recently gave this awesome interview that I thought really captures what he is all about/currently involved with and what’s going on in the blossoming Canadian music scene (especially AB) right now. Check it out here and then go buy some of his tapes from him!

Every interaction I’ve had with Kevin has been awesome. He’s a really solid dude with interests and talents in a lot of different areas. From what I can tell, he is/was involved in blogging (super talented writer), record-labeling (Bart Records/Revolution Winter), playing in bands, seeing lots of bands, organizing music festivals (Ghost Throats!), just to name a few. I appreciate such diversity in endeavors. It was unfortunate my passport didn’t arrive in time to travel up to Ghost Throats. It would have been nice to meet Kevin face-to-face and watch some awesome bands for three days. Anyway, we’re excited to have some of Bart Record’s cassettes currently in our distro and our releases in Bart’s distro.

Also, don’t forget to check out our contest to win a test pressing of the WWS/MNWA split 7″ that Cameron outlined below. Cool it.

Talk to you later, kiddies.

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