Book of Caverns – s/t Cassette

September 1, 2011

Book of Caverns is post-hardcore band from Canada that I think deserves more exposure. We were first introduced to them by Kevin of Bart Records, who put it out. I can’t really describe what is special about this band, but it’s there. Buy our last copy of this tape if you feel like it. If it’s not gone soon, I’ll probably steal it for myself. Here’s what Kevin had to say about the band:

“Book of Caverns play post-hardcore with leanings into post-rock territory. Usually that means songs that go forever, and eventually nowhere ~ but in this case it means something far greater than your modern-day Envy… I’ve watched Book grow from a band unsure of where they’re headed into one of the best bands in Alberta. And I feel like Book are only just hitting their stride. This next year is going to be the Year of the Cavern. The musicianship is impeccable. Andrew is one of the most unique vocalists (not to mention one of the best lyricists) in the genre (let alone our little corner of it).”



2 Responses to “Book of Caverns – s/t Cassette”

  1. Curtis said

    They are such a good band. It would be sweet if they toured in America.

  2. Word. I think they just put out another split recently. I need to look into finding that. I miss you bud!

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