Three Man Cannon – Nelson

September 20, 2011

I don’t know why this band has flown below everyone’s radar. I happened to download their album yesterday after a series of random link following after downloading Kite Party’s newest album (which is also amazing–>buy it). I think it had something to do with both labeling their albums as fxc, I don’t know. But seriously. Three Man Cannon. These guys are apparently from Philly by way of Scranton, PA. The best way to describe this band is a snotty combination of This is a Long Drive… era Modest Mouse, a touch of singing that calls to mind John Darnielle, a sprinkle of Oh My God, Elephant, and definitely some Lee Corey Oswald, too (Read the marriage of Against Me! and Tigers Jaw). If any of those ingredients are things that you like, you will enjoy this band. This band brought me out of my blogging hibernation, carried me triumphantly from the dark depression brought on by my first set of grad school finals, and reminded me that I am so fucking sick of “twinkle.” I might add more to this later but I’m stressing out over Organization of the Cell, so goodbye for now, my dearest internet friends.

Download via Bandcamp!

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