Best of 2011: Taylor and Sean

January 4, 2012

Here are a couple more best of lists from the BWS family. Both guys are playing a show with the Reptilian and Innards currently. I hope it rules. Here are the lists accompanied by some cute pictures of the boyz.

Sean’s List:

1) Bright Eyes – The People’s Key (Obviously haha!)
2) The Roots – Undun
3) Trophy Scars – Never Born, Never Dead
4) Algernon Cadwallader – Parrot Flies
5) RVIVR – The Joester Sessions (kinda cheating, but none the less released in 2011…haha)
6) Teenage Cool Kids – Denton After Sunset
7) Big Kids – Phone Home
8) Kidcrash – Naps
9) Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground
10) Small Brown Bike – Fell & Found

Taylor’s List:

1.David Comes to Life – Fucked Up
2.Never Born, Never Dead – Trophy Scars
3.Father, Son, Holy Ghost – Girls
4.Knife Man – Andrew Jackson Jihad
5.Coloring Book – Glassjaw
6.Bad As Me – Tom Waits
7.On The Water – Future Islands
8.Simple Math – Manchester Orchestra
9.The People’s Key – Bright Eyes
10.The Smile Sessions – The Beach Boys
11.Go Tell Fire To The Mountain – Wu Lyf
12.Cold World/Guilt – Pygmy Lush
13.Ghost Town – Owen
14.England, Keep My Bones – Frank Turner
15.Strange Mercy – St. Vincent
16.Joyce Manor – Joyce Manor
17.In The Mountain In The Cloud – Portugal. The Man
18.Undun – The Roots
19.Old Raves End – Swarms
20.Decompositions, Vol. I – Circle Takes The Square

Best Original Soundtrack: Drive
Best Local Music: The Mighty Sequoyah

Comments, your lists and discussion are welcome and encouraged!

3 Responses to “Best of 2011: Taylor and Sean”

  1. maxwellsnaxwell said

    Knew I was forgetting something. Naps and Knifeman are sooooooooo good.

  2. Seanpoolio said

    DUDE!!! I totally had the Daniel Striped Tiger in my top 10! but i told myself it was a 2010 release for some reason! damn! that was like my number 4!!!! whoops!

  3. maxwellsnaxwell said

    Sean, we really fucked up.

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