Parquet Courts – American Specialties Cassette

January 25, 2012

As you know, we here at bws are big Teenage Cool Kids fans and fans of anything those former/current(?) Dentonians touch. Here’s a prime example. One of Andrew Savage’s new projects is this noisy, psych-punk project known as Parquet Courts. The content is pretty varied, ranging from Woodsist influenced psychedelics to more straight-forward punk. The weirdness of Guided by Voices dry-rubbed with Sonic Youth’s more punk influences would be the best way to describe it. This may not be for everyone’s palette, but it’s tickling my taste buds. Pick up a copy from Night Moves Cassettes by emailing : nightmovin [at]

3 Responses to “Parquet Courts – American Specialties Cassette”

  1. Parket Beograd said

    Parquet is in my opinion, the best solutions for home floors. It is durable, practical, warm and easy for maintenance. Nothing else even come close.

  2. Parket said

    Need to get parquet or else I’m doomed 😥 I have stupid laminate on my crib and I hate it… It’s hard to clean and it’s cold. Do you guys have any advice on which parquet I should take? There are so many kinds and I’m n00b for this things 😦

  3. Parket,
    Don’t be dumb. Get the Harker Oak parquet flooring. Easy to clean bodily fluids up from and warm enough to pass out on. There are no equals in the world of parquet flooring. I’d recommend a ten year warranty on it; depending on how much you drag your malformed left leg behind you, that is. I know mine drags quite a bit…

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