Wild Moth

May 29, 2012

Summer must be here or something, because we’ve been neglecting this blog. Too much sunshine, responsibility, and beer. Well, I’m breaking the silence with a band that I am super stoked about: San Francisco’s Wild Moth. These 3 dudes play some visceral and noisy post-punk. Upon closer inspection, one realizes that these songs really have a lot more depth and diversity then is readily apparent. Melancholy melodies and punk agression are washed over with a haze of fuzzy distortion and reverb. I really love the muddled disposition of this band and their aesthetic as a whole. Their self-titled 10 inch was released by our partners in crime The Ghost is Clear Records, and their newest 7″ will be released by *gasp* Asian Man Records! I highly recommend purchasing both. Below is a song from their Asian Man debut and a link to their Bandcamp, where you can download everything they’ve released for free.


Buy the S/T 10″.

Animal Skins – B EP

May 14, 2012

Alright, so this post is long overdue. In fact so overdue that I’m no longer sure how active they are. Regardless, this band of guys from the great city of Boise, ID accomplished something really awesome with this EP. Imagine Botch with some punk-inspired grooves and an overarching stoner-metal influence. Really impressive blend of technical know-how with an intentional lo-fi sound. I’m not sure how they acquired a picture of my uncle for the cover of this EP, but that’s cool, I guess.

I happened to catch this band in Missoula, MT in one of a few of their iterations while they were playing a couple shows with our friends, Corsair Wolves. They played a show that I would describe as haunting. During their entire set, most of the people peacefully drinking their beers in that basement became afraid for their safety in the most pleasant way possible. Anyway, I hold this band in high regard and hope they continue to put out awesome stuff at some point. Also, a few of the dudes are now playing in another really cool band called Sinews that will hopefully getting some more stuff done soon.

Follow the link below to download both the B EP, as well as the A EP (which is also pretty cool), and maybe message about buying a physical copy (the big cartel link doesn’t work!).


Late last year, a group of my best friends got together for an impromptu band formation and recording session. It’s the type of one-song recording that makes you wish that maybe someday in the future, these guys will all be in Idaho again at the same time and they’ll decide to do this again. This group consisted of members of most of my favorite Idaho bands (Avair, Cremation 186, Oh Messy Life, Corsair Wolves, etc.).After listening to this multiple times this afternoon, I thought it would a nice thing to share. Check it out below and download it over at soundcloud.

I miss my friends.

Little Big League is a relatively new band from Philly with ex-members of Titus Andronicus and Stranded Oaks. Bright, airy guitars play off of pounding rhythms and excellent female vocals to create a sound that reminds me a lot of old Death Cab For Cutie, but with an added dose of atmospheric emo. The band just released their 2 song debut 7″. Also linked below is their brand new Key Studio Session, where you can stream and download  4 songs, 2 of which are unreleased. If this debut is an accurate portrayal of things to come, I expect big things out of Little Big League.



Key Studio Session.