This is a blog run by Dylan and Cameron, the guys behind black with sap records, based in Spokane, WA, Missoula, MT, and Idaho Falls, ID. The purpose? To keep friends up to date on what’s going on with the label and distro and to post other fun stuff that we feel is relevant.

We believe that music should be a means of building a community through which information and ideas can be passed. It’s given and taught both of us a lot and this is our way of giving back.

Black with sap records puts out CDs/cassettes/records (hopefully soon) from bands we like within the diy community, regardless of genre or classification. We’re always down to hear new bands and work with cool people. If you’re interested, e-mail us at blackwithsaprecords [at] and we’ll see what we can come up with.

We’re also down for setting up shows in Missoula and Spokane during school months and Idaho Falls during the summer. We mostly just do basement shows at our houses but sometimes at other venues, as well. If you’re interested in that, e-mail us at the aforementioned address.

Also: disclaimer. Any albums posted for download are for reviewing purposes only and should be purchased at some point or deleted. But let’s be honest, most of what is posted is either out of print or put out by the bands themselves or small DIY labels like ours. So, RIAA, move along. Nothing to see here.

ATTN: Labels/bands. If for any reason you would like a link taken down just e-mail us and we will take the link down immediately.

12 Responses to “About”

  1. Nicolas said

    hi guys !

    my name is Nicolas (montreal CANADA) and i just ordered two tapes of your store…since i’m in Montreal…i assume the shipping might be more expensive than in the usa…so please let me know if i have to send some extra money for the two tapes i ordered…i run a cassettes label myself and i don’t like when i need to pay myself extra dollars to ship stuff to people outside my country

    keep it DIY !
    Nicolas ps : you should visit my cassette label :

  2. David Tan said


    a while ago we were featured on your blog and just to say a big thank you for the review as we had alot of people coming to check out our material from the blog!

    we’ve just finished recording our new ep and it’s yet again available for free download from and we’d really appreciate it if you could give it a listen and let us know what you think if you have the time.

    thanks alot!

  3. Hey Guys-

    I stumbled upon your website today, and wanted to introduce us. We are the vinyl record pressing plant in Cleveland, and we would love to work with you at some point!

    I didn’t see a “contact” link your site, so I am sending this as a comment. Please feel free to give me a shout at 800-295-0171 or email me at any time!

    Matt @ GGR

  4. garrett s said

    do you guys have a tape release with Jerry of Girlfriends? I read it on another blog somewhere. I’m tryna cop that if so!

  5. garrett s said

    cool! how many were made?!

  6. Grant said

    Hey guys just wanted to say thank you, for bringing me music that I wouldn’t have found without you. I appreciate it

  7. Marc M of Sickanimation makes some great music.

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