January 3, 2013


So Dylan and I over the holidays have been nerding out pretty bad on “Euro-Screamo” (or whatever you want to call it) bands we love. Daitro, Raein, Suis La Lune, La Quiete, etc. So just today I luckily found this awesome Italian band RIVIERA. Riviera play their own blend of Euro goodness. They put out a 7″ a while ago via Sons Of Vista… but you can purchase it over at Robotic Empire. Just do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Riviera Bandcamp

Sons Of Vista

Robotic Empire

Yardwork – Brotherer

November 21, 2012

Yardwork are a band from North Carolina that I’ve never seen get any attention. To my increasing delight, they seem to be pretty active lately. Describing their sound can be a little difficult. First and foremost, I suppose they’re a folk band. Yet, at the same time, they seem to appeal to twinkly emo fans equally well. They’ve got a huge sound and the music captures much of the energy of punk and hardcore without being abrasive or agressive in the slightest. I know, it sounds like a pretty forced combination on paper, but I’ll bet that just 30 seconds of this album is all it takes for you to feel it. This is a great band with a unique sound and they should be way bigger than they are.



Buy it on vinyl.


Here’s another great record I picked up for a few bucks at Amoeba. I fell in love with this band after they released When You’re In It a few years back but, for whatever reason, forgot to keep checking to see what these guys were up to. Last year, I stumbled upon their latest, Weird Life and was immediately reminded of how awesome these guys are.

These 6 songs find the band further expanding their catchy punk anthems. If you’d like to hear what the love-child of Glocca Morra, Kite Party, and Algernon Cadwallader would sound like and dig songs about dealing with post-college life with a glass-half-full attitude, you certainly should check this out. Also, be sure to order a copy from FSTT’s own Life on an Island records.

These dudes just got back from a short tour, but if you’re from the north east, be sure to catch one of their shows.


Buy? (try messaging ’em on FB?)

After weeks of scouring the interwebz, I finally found the records I’ve been patiently waiting to hear for years. These are the final recording’s of L’antietam, the band that introduced me and so many of my friends into the scene that we now love. Family and Arthur Carr will always have a special place in my heart, and are still extremely enjoyable to listen to today. But enough about me, already.

Dark Brew is a 6 minute long, 4 part hardcore head-rush of a song. The pace is unrelenting and the guitars are bludgeoning.  The song shifts periodically in mood, but never lets up on intensity. This is L’antietam at their heaviest and grungiest, and it feels so good. Rock Bottom, on the other hand, feels like a continuation of where the band left off with Arthur Carr. It’s moody, full of tempo changes, and retains the interwoven, subtle melodies that first attracted me to the band. It’s bittersweet, finally hearing the songs I’ve anticipated for years, but knowing that I’ll never see this band again. If you’re into it, I suggest buying the double 7″ quickly. I’m sure it’s going to sell out.

Give em your money.

Give it a listen.

Sirs – Self Titled

July 3, 2012

Best band/album since the death of Bear Vs. Shark. This band is seriously hitting their stride, and I’m loving it. Excellent song-writing, better recording quality, phenomenal playing. Please, please don’t let this band go the way of every great emo band and come to an untimely demise.

Buy that shit up!

Try it out!


April 24, 2012

Avair is a two piece band born from the same pit that birthed Black With Sap (ahem, Southeastern Idaho). If I had to describe their sound, I would say 1994! meets Ape Up! with some extra emotional edge. It’s some damn good stuff. The band handmade 100 cassettes of their first release, Fathers, which we will be selling in the BWS store very soon. 15 of these are a deluxe version, packaged in a custom shadow box with all sorts of cool shit. Sean and Alex really knocked these out of the park. Check out both versions of the tape here.

Download from Bandcamp.

The band and I are in the process of booking a Northwest Summer Tour. If you can help out in any way with one of the dates below (or think we should change the route up a bit), please email Sean at avairtheband@gmail.com. Here are the days we’re looking at:

June 15 – Idaho Falls, ID (@ The Wax House)

June 16 – Missoula, MT

June 17 – Spokane, WA

June 18 – Seattle, WA

June 19 – Olympia, WA

June 20 – Portland, OR

June 21 – Eugene, OR

June 22 – Boise, ID

June 23 – Salt Lake City, UT (Crucial Fest 2012)

p.s. I love you.

This 2 song 7″ was released as part of Run For Cover’s subscription series. MBWML is a Canadian band that makes some gravelly punk rock. It’s moody, it’s melodic, and I think it’s super well rounded. In my opinion, this is the best “under the radar” band making this sort of music right now. If they ever record a full length, I’ll be all over it. These 2 songs are particularly brooding, relying on guitar leads that are kinda low on the register and strong, cathartic choruses. Another great release for a young band with loads of potential. If you like this, check out their last 7″.



This one’s a blast from Black With Sap’s collective past. Hoods Up! is one of the many musical endeavors that spawned from our group of friends that never reached its full potential. Yeah, it’s a shameless plug for some friends, but in my defense, this band hasn’t existed for years and everyone else should love this shit as much as I do.

Anyway, Hoods Up! was the moniker that Brett Hawkins recorded under for a short time. At its inception, the band was a shouty two-piece with Ryan De La Rosa (of Fern and Moss and Delores) on guitar, but Brett continued to write acoustic songs before moving on to other projects. These songs are undeniably catchy, charming, funny, and endearing as all hell. They were basically an emo two-piece that didn’t take themselves seriously and wrote music that was fun to play. What’s not to like about that? Brett and Ryan both have tons of recorded music, but I wanted to put together some songs they wrote together (plus a few extras). Download it, listen to it, dig it. Never fucking grow up.


New Stuff

September 25, 2011

I’ve been neglecting the blog and albums that I’ve been meaning to post are piling up. It’s much easier for me to throw all of this shit into one post.

Shark Bait / Adaje – Split Cassette

This is a split for two bands from St. Louis (I think?). Adaje plays technical, fast-paced hardcore with dueling guitars that remind me of Hot Cross. Shark Bait plays upbeat, catchy emo with some great sung vocals. I really enjoy the guitar work and urgency in their songs.  This cassette is only 3 bucks and features 2 songs from each band. Download it for free on the bandcamp page and order it from Carucage Records.




Sainthood Reps – Monoculture

When Dylan was first describing this band to me, he said they sounded like a mix between Nirvana, Daisy-era Brand New, and These Arms Are Snakes. Throw in a little Jesus Lizard, and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. This is album is some sort of amalgamation of grunge, shoegaze, punk, and post-hardcore. I think it’s pretty great. This band is from Long Island, NY, and interestingly enough, this album is out on Tooth and Nail. Anyway, I’ll be checking them out at the Fest this year.




Deer Leap / The World Is… Split 12″

I know this album is everywhere, but Greg from TWIABP emailed us to ask if we could post it. The band is pushing it, so I have no problem helping to spread good music. Both sides of the split are great. The World Is kills it as always, and I was surprised how much I like the Deer Leap songs. Download it. Buy it up. Go see the bands.



Also, we’ve got 3 cassette releases in the works that we’re very excited for. More info on those soon.

Basement is a band from the UK that plays gruff post-hardcore with leanings towards emo. They’re pretty reminiscent of bands like Lifetime and Saves The Day, and they get compared to Balance and Composure and Title Fight all the time. These guys are touring the United States this August with Such Gold and Daylight. Here’s the dates, go see them if you get a chance. This album doesn’t really bring anything new or revolutionary to the table, but I think it’s really enjoyable nonetheless. Definitely check it out if you are into any of the aforementioned bands. These guys are going to blow up in that scene, I’m sure of it.