While killing time on the internet today, I stumbled on this great punk band from Brooklyn. They play a type of fuzzy, melodic punk. Equal parts Dinosaur Jr. and Black Flag, sprinkled with more contemporary peers such as Fucked Up, Hoax, and Titus Andronicus. A few moments on their Clean Dreamin’ 7″ even remind me of some old Level Plane bands. Anyway, they seem to be churning out 7″s faster than the seasons can change; with 4 released in the past year, they appear to be coming out strong from the proverbial gate. Check a few of these 7″s out on their bandcamp and support ’em if they ever roll through your town.




So, speaking of Denton… Here’s another solid Denton band. Bad Sports rolls out their newest album of catchy garage rock jams. Bratty tunes that make you want to spit on your neighbor’s sandals. According to what I can find, this is Bad Sports’ second full length and follows at least a couple 7″ singles. Bad Sports features members of the incestuous Denton scene’s other bands such as Wax Museums, The Pumpers, and Secret Bangs. On King of the Weekend you’ll find a healthy mix of other Texan garage rock (see: Harlem and Marked Men) and an obvious nod to the Ramones (I know they sonic comparisons have already been overstated). BUT! Let it be known, they put their own twist on the mixture to keep you interested. Also, take note of the best ode to narcissism since the early 80s Stones’ catalog, “I’m in Love with Myself.” Download this and have you heart melted by the “oohs” of “I May Be Cruel.” Get into it, you screamo nerds.




Big Al, from the great town of Spokane, has been blogging over at  Morose Terrior. Check it out if you’re into the scuzzy, the fuzzy, or the blatantly surf inspired jams. I miss him and the guys from the Bamboo Palace dearly. Alex, your 7″ care package is on its way!