This new album by I Had Plans, named after a quote by Henry David Thoreau, is a post-punk master-stroke, leaps and bounds ahead of much of the work by their peers. Portugal’s I Had Plans takes queues from other European punk/screamo/whatever greats such as Raein and Adorno (with whom I Had Plans shares members) and impregnates a post-rock leaning sound with the angularity of post-punk greats like Drive Like Jehu. I think the fanciful guitar work and pounding drums will back that comparison up quite nicely. I don’t know, decide for yourself. My only complaint is that his album doesn’t break into much new territory beyond what was explored on their demo that came out a few years back (a solid work in its own respect). If one’s perception of beauty is truly a moral test, consider these guys to be operating on a different moral high ground. Download this and buy their records/merch in hope that they’ll tour the states sometime soon.