After weeks of scouring the interwebz, I finally found the records I’ve been patiently waiting to hear for years. These are the final recording’s of L’antietam, the band that introduced me and so many of my friends into the scene that we now love. Family and Arthur Carr will always have a special place in my heart, and are still extremely enjoyable to listen to today. But enough about me, already.

Dark Brew is a 6 minute long, 4 part hardcore head-rush of a song. The pace is unrelenting and the guitars are bludgeoning.  The song shifts periodically in mood, but never lets up on intensity. This is L’antietam at their heaviest and grungiest, and it feels so good. Rock Bottom, on the other hand, feels like a continuation of where the band left off with Arthur Carr. It’s moody, full of tempo changes, and retains the interwoven, subtle melodies that first attracted me to the band. It’s bittersweet, finally hearing the songs I’ve anticipated for years, but knowing that I’ll never see this band again. If you’re into it, I suggest buying the double 7″ quickly. I’m sure it’s going to sell out.

Give em your money.

Give it a listen.

Texas Instruments

January 11, 2012

No not the calculator manufacturers you dummies!

Texas Instruments is a screamo/emo/post-hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. I saw them, along with two other Kansas City bands, Regret, The Informer and Battle Royale, last night. I’d never heard of any of them before but damn, they all blew me away. I picked up a four-way split tape from each of them and one more band who isn’t a part of the tour. You can listen to each bands contribution on their bandcamps. Definitely check out Texas Instruments‘ older material too, it’s not recorded as well but it still kicks ass.

They’re on tour so be sure to go see them all if they find their way into your neighborhood.

Here’s a plague doctor to motivate you to listen to them. Listen to the doctor.

Cloud Mouth – Keep Well

September 29, 2011

We’ve been big fans of Cloud Mouth since the band’s first EP back in 2008 (2007? I don’t know). Unfortunately, everyone’s (our) favorite stoner skramz band is breaking up. Lucky for us, they’re leaving us with one last 10″ offering. All 4 songs perfectly showcase the band’s unique sound and how far that sound has really come. This time around, there seems to be a little more melody tucked in behind all the grunge in a very subtle way. Add that to the constant sensory onslaught that is Cloud Mouth, and these are possibly my favorite tracks the band has ever released. I strongly suggest checking it out, preordering the  10″, and attending one of their last shows by any means necessary. Why do I have to live so far from Chicago?



On Calculator’s newest 7″, the Los Angeles band seems to be really hitting their stride. The guitar work and drumming are tighter and more complex than anything on These Roots Grow Deep. The band churns out some up-tempo, chaotic songs and manages to make their sound fuller and heavier than previous material. Even the vocal delivery, which used to be somewhat monotone shouting, has improved. The vocalist still mostly shouts, but manages to mix it up enough to keep his searing vocals a driving force in the songs. My only complaint is that the whole 7″ clocks in at less than 7 minutes. The band has posted the songs for name your own price on bandcamp, but I seriously suggest donating or preordering the record. Check out their other merch as well and help this band continue to put out new material.


Download from Bandcamp.

After another dormancy of a few years, Raein is back with another full-length record. The reigning kings of the European screamo scene return with their best material to date. Where other bands within this same vein tend to rely on conventions, Raein discards and looks elsewhere for inspiration. Raein truly proves that on this album. This record sounds more inspired by bands such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. than any 90s emo or hardcore bands. Bended notes, feedback, and walls of distortion are as common as the clean guitar parts, and each bit is highlighted by the production of this beautiful record. The prevalent bass adds a certain groove to this record that many within this genre lack. Shared vocal duties work extremely well for Raein. Most lines are done by both vocalists, adding noticeable elements of vocal interplay when one rises above the other. Don’t snooze on this one, it has the potential to be regarded as the magnum opus of European screamo.

Pick up a copy when this comes out. The entire project was self-produced and your support helps to cover some of those pesky production costs.


Great news.
Brett is back from Boise and the some of the dudes (Jake, Zac, Adam, Justin(?)) from Cremation 186 have started playing with each other again. Luckily for all of us, they’re already churning out new music. This rough track, “Banshee,” has all the elements that we’ve come to expect from Cremation, heavy bass (like drop E heavy, get with it), frantic vocals (slightly stuttered), and distorted guitars that propel the whole thing forward. Imagine if Fear Before listened to a bunch of old screamo. Some eerie bits sung towards the end round the whole distorted track out nicely. I sincerely hope this band gets back on the ball and starts recording more and playing some shows. The Cremation shows that used to happen nearly every other weekend were the stuff of legends. Speaking of which, I might have to open my basement to them again. I can’t wait.


Today we posted preorders for the wws/мища split 7″ (pictured above). If you’re interested, you can check it out in our online store.  Package deals will also be up soon. To celebrate our first major vinyl release, I thought I would post everything by both bands that I could find. Enjoy!

We Were Skeletons – Summers



We Were Skeletons – Ryan Oatman




We Were Skeletons – S/T




DEERS! / Animal Lover / Pansori/ мища / ColorChromatic 5 Way Split



мища / Oppenheimer Limit Split



мища – Discographie So Far


Loma Prieta – Life/Less

September 10, 2010

Loma Prieta never seem to settle. Consistently from album to album these dudes tend to change up their sound. Somehow, this recipe doesn’t disappoint. Life/Less marks a departure from their more drawn out sound found on Last City and Dark Mountain. Both instruments and vocals are taken to the next level, both in terms of pace and intensity. A pretty poor rip has been floating around the internet for a few months now since this has been a vinyl only release but Kenny from Comadre posted the studio mp3 files on his blog SiqxShit. Check that out if you havent done so yet. Also, anybody going to the fest this year? I think Cameron and I are both going. Let’s hang out if you’re there. Cool dad.




Umm, so this needs no explanation. An incredible line-up of bands all contributing songs to this split dedicated to the international connections created by diy-ethics. Pretty awesome reason to get these bands together. All bands on this split contribute some of their best work to date. Honestly, I was impressed by all the stuff on here. I’ll readily admit that adorno and Suis la Lune are two of my favorite bands though, so my opinions on this whole thing might be a bit skewed. Order it fast, it’s no doubt going to sell out.



Lautrec discography tapes are done and look awesome, if I do say so myself. They were shipped out to the band today so they can have them at their final show on June 20th at Strangelight in Chicago. If you’re from that area, GO. They’re playing with Grown Ups and Cloud Mouth, two other awesome bands. They’ll have the discography cassette and a new 7″ there for sale.

Here’s what the cassette looks like in all of its glory:


1. Cranked (previously unreleased)

2. Pulling Books (previously unreleased)

3. Catledge

4. Quiet Earp

5. Tonn Tonn Sleeping Bag

6. Track 1

7. Caypo

8. Jazzy

9. Modern Technology

10. Pushin’ For Cushion

11. Slider

12. Taylor’s Tent

13. Word Problems

Price: $5 (plus $2 Shipping)


Here’s Lautrec’s 8 songs, featured as part of this discography. Check it out: