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Coming Soon

BWS13: Lee Corey Oswald/Three Man Cannon [12″ Vinyl]

BWS12: TBA [Cassette]

BWS10: Compilation for Diabetes Research [Cassette]


BWS11: Avair – Fathers [Cassette]

BWS09: Kite Party – Baseball Season [Cassette]

BWS08: Innards/The Reptilian – Split [7″ Vinyl]

BWS07: Girlfriends – “S/T” and “Reverse” [Cassette]

BWS06: We Were Skeletons/мища – Split [7″ Vinyl]

BWS05: Beau Navire/Adobe Homes – Split [7″ Vinyl]

BWS04: Lautrec – A Discography [Cassette]

BWS03: 1994! – Thank You Arms And Fingers [Cassette]

BWS02: I Create – All We Are Is Now [Cassette]

BWS01: Cremation 186 – Never Leave Me Alone [CD & Cassette]


2 Responses to “Releases & Distro Items”

  1. Whats up,.

    I produced I Creates’ Full Length, and as many of you, I’m glad to see it has finally been released…We recorded that record about 2 years ago…
    I do hope that either a vinyl version or CD version is a plan…

    Hit me up anytime.


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