This new album by I Had Plans, named after a quote by Henry David Thoreau, is a post-punk master-stroke, leaps and bounds ahead of much of the work by their peers. Portugal’s I Had Plans takes queues from other European punk/screamo/whatever greats such as Raein and Adorno (with whom I Had Plans shares members) and impregnates a post-rock leaning sound with the angularity of post-punk greats like Drive Like Jehu. I think the fanciful guitar work and pounding drums will back that comparison up quite nicely. I don’t know, decide for yourself. My only complaint is that his album doesn’t break into much new territory beyond what was explored on their demo that came out a few years back (a solid work in its own respect). If one’s perception of beauty is truly a moral test, consider these guys to be operating on a different moral high ground. Download this and buy their records/merch in hope that they’ll tour the states sometime soon.




Umm, so this needs no explanation. An incredible line-up of bands all contributing songs to this split dedicated to the international connections created by diy-ethics. Pretty awesome reason to get these bands together. All bands on this split contribute some of their best work to date. Honestly, I was impressed by all the stuff on here. I’ll readily admit that adorno and Suis la Lune are two of my favorite bands though, so my opinions on this whole thing might be a bit skewed. Order it fast, it’s no doubt going to sell out.



New 7″ from this incredible Portuguese band. This is out on Pure Pain Sugar and Adagio 830. Definitely different from other European screamo bands. There are still some screamo elements, but vocals are mostly clean, unlike their earliest work. If you were a fan of their song “Time Line” then you’ll really enjoy this. Download it and see what you think. I can’t nail down who to compare them to right now though. If you come up with anything, leave it in the comments section. Later, I’ll post their other stuff because it’s also awesome.



Buy. or Buy.