This one’s a blast from Black With Sap’s collective past. Hoods Up! is one of the many musical endeavors that spawned from our group of friends that never reached its full potential. Yeah, it’s a shameless plug for some friends, but in my defense, this band hasn’t existed for years and everyone else should love this shit as much as I do.

Anyway, Hoods Up! was the moniker that Brett Hawkins recorded under for a short time. At its inception, the band was a shouty two-piece with Ryan De La Rosa (of Fern and Moss and Delores) on guitar, but Brett continued to write acoustic songs before moving on to other projects. These songs are undeniably catchy, charming, funny, and endearing as all hell. They were basically an emo two-piece that didn’t take themselves seriously and wrote music that was fun to play. What’s not to like about that? Brett and Ryan both have tons of recorded music, but I wanted to put together some songs they wrote together (plus a few extras). Download it, listen to it, dig it. Never fucking grow up.