Great news.
Brett is back from Boise and the some of the dudes (Jake, Zac, Adam, Justin(?)) from Cremation 186 have started playing with each other again. Luckily for all of us, they’re already churning out new music. This rough track, “Banshee,” has all the elements that we’ve come to expect from Cremation, heavy bass (like drop E heavy, get with it), frantic vocals (slightly stuttered), and distorted guitars that propel the whole thing forward. Imagine if Fear Before listened to a bunch of old screamo. Some eerie bits sung towards the end round the whole distorted track out nicely. I sincerely hope this band gets back on the ball and starts recording more and playing some shows. The Cremation shows that used to happen nearly every other weekend were the stuff of legends. Speaking of which, I might have to open my basement to them again. I can’t wait.