Ahh, this ep is far too short. Imagine a band raised solely on a diet of Built to Spill that stumbles upon American Football one day, falls in love, and records these songs the following day. This band is Forming. I believe the best word to describe the sound is “ambling.” Interestingly enough, this ep was put out by Vitriol Records. Yeah, Ghostlimb, Graf Orlock, and Dangers should come to mind, just maybe not when you’re listening to Forming. Definitely check this one out and maybe buy a t-shirt or pick up an actual copy of this.

Forming – Sleep Like a Dog [EP]




I really don’t know anything about this band, but I was extremely impressed by their demo. I think they’re from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and they’ve only been a band for a few months. That’s the extent of my knowledge, really. Their demo mixes the ever-popular American Football sound with the more post-punk sound of fellow Scotlander’s We Were Promised Jetpacks. Picture a band playing American Football songs but adding more pop-sensibilities and a thick Scottish accent. That’s the best way I can think to explain it. Check it out. I’m betting these guys blow up.

Website. (Where you can preorder a copy)