Sirs – Self Titled

July 3, 2012

Best band/album since the death of Bear Vs. Shark. This band is seriously hitting their stride, and I’m loving it. Excellent song-writing, better recording quality, phenomenal playing. Please, please don’t let this band go the way of every great emo band and come to an untimely demise.

Buy that shit up!

Try it out!

DIIV – Oshin

July 2, 2012

I’m sure the hipster hype machine is going crazy over this band, but that shouldn’t deter you from giving it a try. This album will be the companion to my hazy post-graduation summer. DIIV (pronounced “dive”) is the side project of Beach Fossil’s tour guitarist Zachary Cole Smith. To me, this band sounds like the bastard child of Cloud Nothings and Real Estate: melodic indie pop songs with just the right amount of shimmer and reverb. The whole album’s got a very laid back/washed-over feel that just feels so appropriate for summer, yet still remains interesting and engaging in its entirety.



Try it out.

This one totally flew under my radar. I guess it was supposed to be out last September but due to some health issues with the guy who runs the label, they’ve only shipped in the last month. 3 songs are from the 52 weeks collection, 1 is from the split with Such Gold, and the last is a cover of Evan’s other band, Stay Ahead of the Weather. All songs were recorded live for the Snug Sessions last year. Evan’s performance is, as always, excellent. I’d post a link to buy the record but only 250 were pressed and they went fast. Get into it. Pun intended.



Really excited about this one. 3 new songs from Willimantic, Connecticut’s atmospheric emo/indie band. I’ve spoken to a few people who haven’t listened to this band because they were turned off by their name alone, and if you’re in that boat, knock it off. Their last EP “Formlessness” was so damn good. The only complaint I have about this release is that it’s way too short. As soon as you get into it, it’s pretty much over. But hey, it’s free, so download it anyway.