So I’ve seen this album popping up all over the place, but until today, I never gave it a listen. That was a mistake on my part. To be honest, I’m not really sure how to best describe Mansion’s (or should I say Christopher Browder’s) sound. At its core, I would say this is an emo/pop album, but there’s really so much more going on than that label implies. Browder’s vocals are almost like a southern croon, but still really passionate. His lyrics are very personal and full of emotion, but it’s tasteful and never too self-indulgent. The instrumentation and compositions are very catchy, but still have a great deal of grit and lo-fi appeal. This guy is a great musician and a great songwriter, and I really suggest picking this album up. If you still have no idea what it sounds like, watch the video for single “City Don’t Care” below.