Saintseneca – Last

April 12, 2012

Saintseneca is an acoustic band from Ohio. You may recognize them from the 2011 Topshelf Records sampler. This album is bursting at the seams with grassroots folk that is somehow both raw and lush. The vocals are heavily indebted to Neutral Milk Hotel, but far from a cheap rip-off. The only percussion on the album is provided by stomps and clamps, which complements the music perfectly. This paragraph won’t do this album justice, and writing this group off as just another folk band would be a great mistake. Try something different, check it out.



Nana Grizol – Ruth

February 6, 2010

Nana Grizol is composed of members of Defiance, Ohio, Elf Power, and from what I’ve heard, Neutral Milk Hotel. This sounds exactly like you’d expect from such a collaboration. Bright, optimistic but with an obvious punk influence. Main song writer Theo Hilton offers some beautiful and clever lyrics that are backed perfectly by intricate horn melodies. Take, for example, the ending lines of “Atoms”:

“And nothing ever does begin like nothing ever ends. Ask every atom in your body and they’ll surely tell you, ‘Friend, I am old as time and older still. And you are made of everything you love, you feel, or kill. I will outlive you, and forgive you, and be just a baby still.'”

This was one of my favorite releases from last year and really surprised me as I hadn’t heard their previous album. Anyway, if you’re at all a fan of music check this one out.

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