Wild Moth

May 29, 2012

Summer must be here or something, because we’ve been neglecting this blog. Too much sunshine, responsibility, and beer. Well, I’m breaking the silence with a band that I am super stoked about: San Francisco’s Wild Moth. These 3 dudes play some visceral and noisy post-punk. Upon closer inspection, one realizes that these songs really have a lot more depth and diversity then is readily apparent. Melancholy melodies and punk agression are washed over with a haze of fuzzy distortion and reverb. I really love the muddled disposition of this band and their aesthetic as a whole. Their self-titled 10 inch was released by our partners in crime The Ghost is Clear Records, and their newest 7″ will be released by *gasp* Asian Man Records! I highly recommend purchasing both. Below is a song from their Asian Man debut and a link to their Bandcamp, where you can download everything they’ve released for free.


Buy the S/T 10″.

I really don’t know anything about this band, but I was extremely impressed by their demo. I think they’re from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and they’ve only been a band for a few months. That’s the extent of my knowledge, really. Their demo mixes the ever-popular American Football sound with the more post-punk sound of fellow Scotlander’s We Were Promised Jetpacks. Picture a band playing American Football songs but adding more pop-sensibilities and a thick Scottish accent. That’s the best way I can think to explain it. Check it out. I’m betting these guys blow up.

Website. (Where you can preorder a copy)