Oh shit. I’ve been waiting for this album to leak forever. I say that about a lot of the stuff I post, but I’ve been patiently anticipating this album for what feels like years. With this album, This Will Destroy You has set out to break free from the labels people have been slapping them with. They’re not cool with being lumped into the same category as Explosions In The Sky, Mono, etc. As a result, this album is much darker and noise-laden with some major drone and ambient influences. The album opener even features some vocals, but they’re so hoarse and distressed that they become more like another instrument than anything else. In some ways, I think the band chose to alienate listeners with this release. Fans of the formulaic (read: cliche) , rise-fall-rise Post-Rock will likely find this album hard to listen to, and I’m fairly certain that’s what they were striving for.  I think a lot of people will appreciate the band’s new direction, however. I would choose to listen to this over the new Explosions In The Sky any day.