Here’s my second post in the newly started RRC series. Once again, we have a mixtape coming from, in my opinion, the best punk/hardcore band around right now, Fucked Up. This second installment in their series of mixtapes brings more alternate and early takes from the Hidden World era, as well as radio interviews, live performances, and some pretty enjoyable banter. My favorite bits on this tape are the radio interview in which they discuss drug influence on Hidden World and the Protest the Hero dis-track. That’s right, old beef between tech-metal-hardcore Canadian band Protest the Hero and Fucked Up. It’s a pretty enjoyable listen. There’s also a couple of really good tracks by other artists on this one. In particular, their selection of Starjets’ “War Stories” is top-notch. Just like last time, I meticulously cut this myself and scanned the insert for your reading pleasure. Anyway, download this and look forward to the next RRC post, probably for Boat’s Hiss Like Your Idols.






This post is the first in a series, Rare Ripped Cassettes (RRC), that will allow me to share my rare, cassette only releases that I’ve ripped. Stay tuned for more Fucked Up, Boat, and Literature.

Generations is the first in a series of four mixtapes put out by the prolific, somewhat mysterious, and ever-impressive Torontonian(?) band Fucked Up. This one was released as their album Hidden World was being written and recorded. Included are a bunch of alternate versions of songs, live radio sets, covers, songs by other bands, demos, alternate mixes, etc. It’s pretty cool and there’s some pretty interesting stuff on the tape and written in the insert that adds to the enigma that is Fucked Up. I spent probably 3 or 4 hours ripping this myself and splitting it into tracks based on the information the insert had written in it. I also scanned the insert so you can also read a little more about this awesome tape. Not only is the banter pretty entertaining, it contains a couple stand-out cuts such as “Ban Violins” and the various radio interviews and performances. Also, be sure to pick up their newest album, David Comes to Life, which is easily the best album released this year. Enjoy.


Buy David Comes to Life and other goodies.

Fucked Up’s blog in which they have a track-by-track comparison of David Comes to Life and Lady Gaga’s Born this Way.