Umm, so this needs no explanation. An incredible line-up of bands all contributing songs to this split dedicated to the international connections created by diy-ethics. Pretty awesome reason to get these bands together. All bands on this split contribute some of their best work to date. Honestly, I was impressed by all the stuff on here. I’ll readily admit that adorno and Suis la Lune are two of my favorite bands though, so my opinions on this whole thing might be a bit skewed. Order it fast, it’s no doubt going to sell out.



I admit it.

Okay, so this is partly a post about Suis La Lune’s 10″ that came out in 2008 and mostly a plea to Suis La Lune to tour the west side of the U.S. Seriously, dudes. Come out west and Cameron and I will travel along with, doing whatever needs to be done.

Enough of that… Seriously. This EP. Four songs featuring some of the best screamo that I have ever heard, especially if you’re into the clean guitars. If you don’t already own this, you’re seriously missing out. This might be OOP, but you also might be able to find it at some distro. Rumor has it that Suis La Lune is working on a new record and will also be part of one of those “Connections” splits featuring like 6 bands from across the world. Also, Suis La Lune will be touring the east coast and midwest this summer, check the tour dates on their myspace page.