BWS News

February 23, 2012

We’ve been pretty quiet lately, but there’s a lot of stuff happening at Black With Sap Headquarters. Long-windedness ahead.

First of all, the Innards/Reptilian splits are up in the store. If you missed these bands on their Winter tour, shame on you. These records turned out even better than I had expected. Hand-screened covers are the way to go. We even pressed limited colored vinyl. Alluring, no?



At long last, we finally have a new cassette release! This one comes to you from Portland’s Girlfriends. Girlfriends is actually just one really talented dude by the name of Jerry Joiner. Jerry plays every instrument, constructing layered songs that are as intricate as they are original. It’s not quite emo, not quite math rock. Think Foals crossed with Kidcrash, and you might be kinda close. This cassette features the self-titled album on one side and the “Reverse” album on the other.

Download both albums.


I just put a bunch of new distro 7″s in the online store. Other releases in the works include a cassette version of Kite Party’s Baseball Season with brand new artwork and screened covers, and a benefit compilation for diabetes research. If you or anyone you know would like to submit a song for the diabetes comp, please email us at! We would love to hear something new or unreleased, but we’re open to anything. Judging by the bands that have responded so far, you would be in great company.