All of us here at BWS have been extremely excited for this release… and the time has finally come…. not to just show off with these pictures… but to put these pretty little things up for Pre-Order.  We are still deciding on a fun Pre-Order package for anyone who is interested. Riviera’s “Parla Con Gesu'” is the bands second release and we are so proud to be able to work with them and Cause Care to give this release some physical beauty. There are 100 cassettes…Hand numbered ta boot! 50 will be available through the band and 50 though our store. Something nifty that we decided to is the 50 that are in the U.S. will be numbered with Blue ink and the 50 that are in Italy will be numbered with Green ink. This band deserves your attention and you owe it to yourself to not miss out on this amazing EP. Check back really soon for the Pre-Orders.



Hopefully you remember Ancient Sky. Since they released T.R.I.P.S. in 2011 (one of my favorite albums of that year) they’ve gone through a bit of a lineup change, but have managed to improve upon their take on swirling psychedelic rock.

“Castle” starts the record off with bouncing vocals and slow-building guitar parts that slowly meld into a psych-bender that would make fans of Cream drool. The end of the song showcases what Ancient Sky does best; balancing their psych weirdness with intensity that few bands in this genre could match.

The b-side, “Allegory,” makes me extremely interested to see where these guys go next. The fuzzy guitars bring to mind Real Estate initially, but once again are overtaken by tremolos and crashing drums. There’s a dichotomy in this song. This balance of crushing and beautiful is only delicately stitched together by a second and a half pause in the song, but the tension it creates perfectly sets the stage for the impending crescendo that Ancient Sky has mastered.

Pick this 7″ from Wharf Cat and support a great band and label.



(Also, check back tomorrow for a review of another new Wharf Cat release, Dads’ Brown on Brown) (Not the NJ Dads)

Sean’s Top 10 for 2012

January 2, 2013



1) MEWITHOUTYOU – Ten Stories
2) HOT WATER MUSIC – Exister
3) SUIS LA LUNE – Raila
4) GLOCCA MORRA – Just Married
5) HOP ALONG – Get Disowned
6) CHRIS WOLLARD – Canyons
7) TWO GALLANTS – Bloom and the Blight
8) WE WERE SKELETONS – Blame & Aging 
9) BEAU NAVIRE – Lumens

Dylan’s Top 10 for 2012

December 22, 2012

1-5. the men – open your heart

6-10. parquet courts – light up gold

also, everything glocca morra put out this year.

December 21, 2012

Assuming we don’t all die in the next 24 hours, Black With Sap year end lists will be posted in the near future. Preorder our upcoming release (Three Man Cannon/Lee Corey Oswald split 12″) right here. While you’re waiting for our worthless opinions on worthless art, check out this video! Saintseneca’s new album is probably my most anticipated record of 2013.


Halloween Contest

October 26, 2012

Rather than brood about how I’m missing the Fest this year, I decided to be a little more productive. We’re running a content and giving away 3 (possibly more) tapes. Just go to the Black With Sap facebook page, and share the latest post (w/ an adorable dog) and you’ll be entered to win. HAPPY HALLOWEEN PARTY PEOPLE.

This is so great! Go buy the cassette here.

DTS is currently touring around the country with Aesop Rock. The duo’s new album, Anx, rules so hard. Apparently they’ve been described as a “psychedelic Gang Starr,” which seems appropriate to me. Pick up their new album and revel in its great beats, brilliant lyrics, and stunning delivery. It features guest spots from a variety of hip-hop’s best, including P.O.S. and Busdriver. As proof of why you need to pick this up, here’s my favorite song off of Anx. Pay extra attention to Rochester A.P.’s verse. He kills it.



While killing time on the internet today, I stumbled on this great punk band from Brooklyn. They play a type of fuzzy, melodic punk. Equal parts Dinosaur Jr. and Black Flag, sprinkled with more contemporary peers such as Fucked Up, Hoax, and Titus Andronicus. A few moments on their Clean Dreamin’ 7″ even remind me of some old Level Plane bands. Anyway, they seem to be churning out 7″s faster than the seasons can change; with 4 released in the past year, they appear to be coming out strong from the proverbial gate. Check a few of these 7″s out on their bandcamp and support ’em if they ever roll through your town.




Foxing – Old Songs

August 20, 2012


Here’s the debut 3 songs from Saint Louis’ Foxing. As a self-described beard-rock, these guys strike me as a solid mixture of the intensity of Duck Little Brother Duck with some of the heart-on-your-sleeve 90s emo worship you’d expect from Empire! Empire! These songs have a distinct ability to simultaneously tug at your heart strings and kick your head in. Aside from these songs, they’ll be putting out a split with Send Away Stranger, which I’m already really excited to hear. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more from these guys and support them and Carucage, who will be releasing some material from Foxing in the near future. Until then, go see these guys and support them any way you can. 




Foxing Bandcamp

Also, Josh from Foxing writes over at Boss Koala. Be sure to check his blog out regularly. They’re consistently writing some of the best reviews and posting about great new music.

Boss Koala