Okay, so if you’re interested in any of these, e-mail us at blackwithsaprecords[at]gmail.com. We’ll then figure out payment stuff. Also, I’m going to update this as I figure out what I want to sell. Cool?

12″ (Add $3 to each price for shipping!)

Tigershark/Apeshit – Split (1st press lavender /500) $8

Mass Movement of the Moth/The Catalyst – Split (1st press grey /500) $10

Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice – Xiao (Troubleman Unlimited pressing black) $12

Ultra Dolphins – Mar (1st press clear red (known as orange) /200) $9

Hot Hot Heat/The Red Light Sting – Split (4th press red /1000) – $8

2 Responses to “Used/Rare Records For Sale”

  1. That Catalyst 12 inch is siiiiiick. I own a copy as well.

    ❤ Cameron

  2. katrina said

    If ever pick up some Suis La Lune and decide to sell it please e-mail me!!!

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